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Over Scheduled?


Over Scheduled?

We did it! We survived the weekend. This has been by far one of our busiest weekends yet. They aren't normally like this but every now and then it gets crazy and then it's a race to see how well TEAM KRAMER does. lol

Friday -
Soccer practice 1.5 hours
shower, eat, sleep
Saturday -
Soccer Team photos
Tennis practice
Soccer Game
Hair cuts
shop for birthday presents and new Soccer shoes
shower, eat, sleep
Sunday -
Soccer Game
Attend son's BF birthday party
Choir Practice
shower, eat, sleep

We did it. We survived all of that and were amazed! Sounds like a lot but it wasn't too bad. The worst part was church. Our little ones both had bowel movements at the same time! It sounded the alarms and my hubby was paged and he was set into action. As a precaution they asked us to take our children home. Swine flu paranoia? How was your weekend?

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