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Say Hello To My Little Friend


Say Hello To My Little Friend

Right now he's asleep right here next to me at my desk. Hang on I can explain! Monday I just wanted to go for my one mile walk at the track. It was raining in the morning so we went later in the day. I had to take the entire family for this walk. As soon as we got out of the van there he was and the kids went nuts. There were some little girls on the playground calling to him. Insert sigh of relief it's their dog! But wait, why aren't they coming to get their dog. He's following my toddler who is running and he keeps knocking our poor little guy over. Oh and then our oldest boy chimes in "oh can we keep him?" "NO!" I say. "Isn't he cute?" he says to me. "Yes, he's cute but it's not about cute. What if our three other dogs don't like him?"

We asked every person we passed on the track, "Is this your dog? Do you know who he belongs too?" No, No, No! *sigh*

We brought this bundle of brown cuteness home with us and my dh gave all the dogs baths. We introduced him to the female alpha. She's fine with him. Then we introduce him to our male terrier mix. OH BAD!!! Puppy submits but our dog doesn't care at all. OK - remove crazy dog and introduce puppy to our other female. No problems she is fine with him too.

I begin Tweeting and Googling puppy introduction etc., and wishing Cesar Milan would hop the next flight to Texas and whisper something into crazy dogs ear to make him play nice!

I'm not sure if we are going to be able keep this puppy yet. I would say he's about 4 -6 months old? We haven't named him yet. We've tried Buddy, Michael (he has this one white paw - get it?) Duke, Bruce, Diego and nothing is really doing this puppy justice yet. This dog appears to be a full breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. Well what would you name him?

We had Alexandria (Alex) for three years and her sister Antonia (Toni) is going to be 12 this year. We also have Maximilian (Max) and Samantha (Sam) and they will both be 11 this year. If you have any suggestions for names throw them our way and I will see what the pack says! If this dog would have been a girl, I would have named it Julie because I'm her #1 Fan! rofl...
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