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Tuesday Toot Meme #40


Tuesday Toot Meme #40

Toot Toot! Check it out, I bring you my cookie cutters. I seriously felt like I needed an aluminum flashing bending class by the time I was done. In case you forgot I'm working on my gourmet cookie project. It's taking longer than I thought. There is a lot of drying time that takes place for the glue and the Plasti-Dip. The instructions say that your cutter doesn't have to be a perfect outline of the shape that you are trying to make. That's not possible for someone who has even a trace of being a perfectionist! I was getting really mad and frustrated and I didn't want to cut my fingers but I think I did ok. The rose is to go with the instructions and I want it to be a surprise Mother's Day gift and the Captain Rex helmet is for my son. Now on to the Plast-Dip. By the way the aluminum flashing can be found in the last aisle of Lowe's and the Plasti-Dip is in the paint section in aisle 2 also at Lowe's. I'm trying to save you some time here. If you're trying to "Just Say No!" to cookies, join the Wii Mommies and get support! Thanks to Julie Maloney for starting the forum. That's why I'm her #1 Fan.

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