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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 2


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 2

Oh yes, I've got a 2 pound loss this week. I ate poorly most of the week and Angie our hostess for Tip The Scale Tuesday posted about food journals. I don't like these because then I have to pay more attention to what I'm eating and how many servings, blah, blah! I just want to be young where I could eat anything and burn it off. Now back to reality I started the food journal yesterday so you only get my one day posted.
8am - Little Hungry
1 Strawberry Nutri Grain Bar
1 Packet of Cinnamon & Spice Quaker Oats Oatmeal (Mmmmm)
8oz. Green Tea

11:30am - Not Hungry
1 Apple

12:00pm - Hungry
Grilled cheese sandwich
1 Banana

4pm - Not Hungry
16 oz. of water
(Mom brought over box of Snicker Doodle cookies)

5pm - Not Hungry - Thinking about cookies
8 oz. of coffee

6pm - Hungry
Italian Casserole with Italian Sausage, lots of tomatoes and pasta topped with Mozzarella cheese.
1 Apple

10pm - Hungry
2 of those darn Snicker Doodles cookies. ROFL!!!!

Yesterday I was at the park with my little people and I began to remember some exercises from boot camp. We worked out at the same park and we did exercises on the playground. There I was doing push ups on the back of a bench and doing tricep dips using the seat of the bench. I took advantage of this giant brick wall and did several wall sits! Then I pretended like I had a jump rope and started jumping. I must have looked like a wacka doo but I didn't care. I moved on to lunges while I was pushing the baby in her stroller. I worked up a nice stinky sweat! I'm really dreaming of a Wii along with the EA Sports Active game. I need go see what the Wii Mommies are up to! There are freebies up for grabs from Julie but you have to be her #1 Fan. I think I'm well on my way. See Julie thinking about it? If you don't know her she is the Goddess of weight loss with a Wii. Read how she lost 60 pounds with her Wii.
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