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Goodbye Bo


Goodbye Bo

You said hello to my little friend and now we have to say goodbye. I called the vet to make an appointment because he had a few fleas. Then I called the animal shelter just to be sure that someone was indeed not looking for him. Well, they were and they left their address and phone number. I called but no one answered and then I went by their home to see if there were any posters made. There were no posters but I went to the door and they were happy I found him.
The wife wanted us to keep the dog. They already had two other dogs and their fence was broken. All three dogs had escaped and he was the last one they needed to recover. He was a LONG way from home. She had to ask her husband. He was torn because he didn't want to break my son's heart. My son had gotten so attached to this pup but it was my job to break my son's heart. That stunk so badly.
After school I explained what happened to my son. He turned away from me while he was talking. He didn't want me to see him cry. UGH! insert mommy heart break -->here<--. We took the puppy food and toys we had bought for the puppy to his home so my son could see for himself that indeed he had a home. The wife came outside and explained to my son her husband's attachment to the dog and how they sleep together, etc. We left and on our way home he asked, "what was his name?" "Bo!" I said. He said, "Well it's a good thing!" As he pulled out an entire list of names that he and his entire class put together. He had asked me to send his teacher a photo of the puppy by email. I did and she showed the class and it became a class project! Insert dagger -->here<--. I took him to my grandmother's house to help him feel better. On our way home coming down our street he became sad again. *sigh* A little more about the dog, my estimation of 4 months was about right. He was not a full breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was mixed with a Blue Heeler. You couldn't tell that's for sure. He also learned how to fetch before he left thanks to our super cool lab mix Sam. Now our home and our pack can return to normal.

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