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Thursday Thirteen #65 - What They Didn't Tell Me


Thursday Thirteen #65 - What They Didn't Tell Me

I could have doctored this photo but I didn't because it's nearly 20 years old now and it has that vintage look. I've been a mom for a very long time. Now that I actually have an adult child I feel like I can actually dole out the advice. I've earned my badge and she's out in the big big world doing her own thing whether I like it or not. I'm going to share with you my 13 things no one told me about the "motherhood."

1. After you give birth be careful when you stand. You're insides will feel like they are going to fall out. This too shall pass.
2. At some point your child will hate you, cuss under their breath (possibly) and even wish they had different parents. Develop thick skin this too shall pass.
3. You're son will know everything at age 8 and your daughter will know everything at age 12. When they do leave your house with all their knowledge you have to begin to let go. You will morn their absence and they will change into people you don't know, until they become parents.
4. You have to have a grab bag of discipline tactics. You have to change it up a bit to keep them on their toes. They will at some point disappoint you even when they know better.
5. Beware of the grandparents! In their eyes your child will be a saint, no matter what. Their discipline days are over and they have nothing left but hugs and kisses. Get use to it because you will become chopped liver when they are around.
6. Are you ready to consider someone else before you no matter what? Are you ready to give up your "me" time? Are you ready for the avalanche of new finances? Are you ready to protect and serve like a cop? lol
7. Just make it through the first 3 months and you will start to feel human again. You might possibly get sleep, a shower and a change of clean clothes.
8. You are the single most important role model and everything you do and say has an impact. The saying of "Do as I say not as I do" NEVER works.
9. You will sound just like your parents so get ready to deal with it when some of those famous phrases come flying out of your mouth.
10. Prepare to call and apologize to your parents every single day or if you are really lucky and you were a "non trouble" kid then thank them every day.
11. You're going to mess up. Be ready to admit to your child when you are wrong. Admit it if you lie, it's best to put the truth out there.
12. They are going to lie to you. They just want to avoid trouble. Careful how you phrase your questions and you might be able to decrease those lies.
13. Always keep a level of respect between you. They should never be on your level and you shouldn't try to be their best friend. Friendly yes, but they don't need to know all of your adult problems. They can't handle it nor should they have to.

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