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Thursday Thirteen #65 - What They Didn't Tell Me - Part 2


Thursday Thirteen #65 - What They Didn't Tell Me - Part 2

Welcome to my follow up post to What They Didn't Tell me! I'm sure I could do one of these per week and it all be different. Here's a bit more for parents and parents to be to have a good giggle.
1.) You will be cleaning up pee and poop daily for an undetermined amount of time. Vomit may also accompany these at any time.
2.) When you have kids, your house isn't going to be clean. Oh you may master your house 1 day out of the year but after they all come home within 10 minutes it will look like you did nothing. Take a deep breath and take a bubble bath.
3.) If you don't want a picky eater introduce them to a wide variety of foods when they begin eating solids. If you stick with it then you don't have to worry about them eating all their veggies.
4.) At times you will feel like a game show host. Get your microphone ready and prepare to make deals since it's a good idea to offer choices.
5.) At other times you will feel like a cruise director. Get your finest blazer on and prepare your clipboard! You are in charge of all the scheduling so get a calendar and different colored highlighters. It will help.
6.) Post it's are your friend! Although if you have memory loss and forget where you put said post-its then get yourself a dry erase board. Mine is right by the front door. It really helps and so do different colored dry erase markers.
7.) If you don't know how to cook you better learn! It's always cheaper to cook at home when you have a family. If you begin experimenting with recipes now you're ahead of the game. This will also help you when you are coupon clipping and meal planning for the week.
8.) Your laundry will never truly be done. Take a deep breath and just get use to the idea. There will always be more to do tomorrow.
9.) Pack a bag with an extra change of clothes for your kids and yourself! I promise that you will not regret making the room in your car. Keep a package of wipes in this bag too.
10.) Your kids will remember the time you share together far more than any toy. Reading stories together, going to the park or a family picnic works wonders for the memory bank.
11.) Get organized before the kids come. Don't wait because you won't have time to get everything in order when they get here. You will feel incredibly overwhelmed if chaos builds upon chaos.
12.) Offer more than one suggestion to solve a problem. Get your kids to ask other people they trust how they would solve a problem.
13.) When you are tired of hearing yourself ask the same thing over and over. Stop asking and try a new method! Might I recommend a whistle?

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