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Baby Banz - Sunglasses For Your Baby


Baby Banz - Sunglasses For Your Baby

My kids and I are either on the track or in the pool and they need UV protection. Baby Banz offers a gift set combo that pairs glasses with an adjustable bucket hat. We are now the proud owners of a set of our own in pink and green floral for our baby girl. It's summer time and this set is perfect for little ones.
Bigger chain stores offer little sunglasses for babies but I remembered Baby Banz. Why? because their glasses wrap all the way around the head and have an adjustable velcro strap. Pairing the glasses with a bucket hat was important to me because I want my baby's head to also be protected from the sun.
The glasses are packaged in their own little box and it is put in this clear plastic bag along with the hat. What a great storage device! As you can see I can hang it from the stroller for our walk while it holds my car keys, cell phone and a small tube of sun block, perfect!
My precious baby girl was not happy about wearing the sunglasses. She pulled them off and then I would put them back on but that is part of the learning process. She needs to learn to protect her eyes and skin as early as possible.
As you can see she finally settled into wearing them for a while. At least long enough for me to snap this photo. She was tired and just wanted to chew on her fingers (as most teething babies do) and enjoy her ride.After our walk it was time to pick up her big brother. We were inside cooling off and as you can see here she really digs that hat! Now I feel better knowing that while we are in the process of learning how to wear sunglasses she is still protected by her adjustable bucket hat. I love that these products are adjustable and leave room for growth. Baby Banz is full of neat products for babies, kids and adults. Visit their site to see the latest they have to offer.
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