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Zyrtec For Life?


Zyrtec For Life?

All those cooties that are invading my home are apparently the result of allergies. I've been told that the air quality has been poor over the last few days and many people are feeling the effects. Here is what usually happens with our kids. First we see the runny nose and it's clear and then it becomes a sinus and ear infection. This happened to our older son and we had tubes put in his ears but the sinus and ear infections still came. We had the stick test done on him nearly 6 years ago and everything came back negative. We thought the doctors were off base. Now I've been treating him for the last few months with Zyrtec. Our toddler is having the same problems and now the baby is too. Our pediatrician is recommending that we begin giving Zyrtec to all three of our children daily.

Granted the air quality here is not good and we live near lots of chemical plants. Who knows what is in the air. On that note what are the long term effects of taking Zyrtec? Should we move? Should more testing be done? I'm at a loss. The thought of beginning my two year old and 9 month old baby on Zyrtec daily freaks me out. However the alternative is dealing with ear and sinus infections and ingesting antibiotics every few months.

All of you suffering from allergies out there let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.

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