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Another Mystery Solved


Another Mystery Solved

My poor little guy, just when I thought I had all of his allergies figured out along came another mystery. Up to date he has allergic reactions to nuts, eggs and penicillin. I have Benadryl every where! I pack it in the car in the diaper bags and I bought a bottle for grandma's house.

While out on the soccer field I noticed these cluster bumps and thought he ate something so I went for the medicine and after a dose they went away. Today he was playing outside but it was in water and later he looked like this. It was those same clusters of bumps but in a different location. After some research I believe it's heat rash. My hope is to get him in with a specialist. I'm afraid to leave him anywhere that I'm not in short distance with medicine. He's safe with his father and of course his grandmas but other than that I'm scared.

He's dangerous at sports games because he has this beggar look and people want to feed him. I'm always watching to make sure that people don't just hand him something. It's really scary and he isn't really old enough to understand just yet. *sigh* If you know of any food allergy specialists let me know.

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