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Namaste Kind of Day


Namaste Kind of Day

Today I tackled a one hour class of Yoga. Truth be told I haven't seen a Yoga mat in two years if not more. That is a long time. As we are going through the poses I'm thinking, "oh yea, I remember this!" That isn't the same thing as actually getting your body into the poses. My body feels like someone took a baseball bat to me. I'm not kidding, everything feels so sore and I hurt in my back and shoulders. The instructor kept saying "ok, now roll your shoulders back." Um, mine will not roll nor will they go back. I could feel the tension in my entire body. Honestly it was a serious wake up call that I have NOT been taking care of myself. How am I to be a good mother or wife if all of this stress is sitting all inside my body? Then again when your spouse comes home from work every few days and discusses more job losses, it's hard not to feel the weight on your shoulders. Ah struggle, bubble!

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