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No One Wants To Be The Fat Chick


No One Wants To Be The Fat Chick

Today was a day that I was suppose to attend an event with my dh but I didn't. He was very unhappy with me for not going so that we could all go as a family. It's the kind of event that requires (on my part) confidence, energy and being sociable and looking good. It's hard to feel all of those things when you are overweight. What was I going to wear? Seriously, my wardrobe consists of nothing but jogging pants of some sort, t-shirts, sneakers and church dresses. None of these things would have been appropriate. I haven't worn shorts in maybe 4-5 years. I'm going to show up for outdoor event in work out clothes? That's no way to climb the social ladder folks. There's a huge difference between the hot wife and the woman you are after you finally have stopped having kids and haven't gotten rid of the baby weight.

Let's face facts in social settings people talk. Most woman are critical and not only do they talk among themselves but they also talk with their husbands too. I didn't want to myself in that situation. People really start doing the math after you have a baby and how much weight they think you should have lost by now. Celebrities bring it to the front of magazines all the time. They just gave birth and two weeks later they are their prebaby weight.

People pass judgment and then they proceed to give advice on how you can fix what needs to be fixed. I've heard the people I love the most make comments about other people who are overweight. I have to wonder...what do they say about me?

There is no one more critical than that woman looking back at me in the mirror. My life is finally in a place where physical fitness is fitting in but I have a long way to go. So fess up! Have you ever hid out? Do you use that cute baby of yours as a distraction? Maybe you hide behind that baby? I do, especially in photos!

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