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The Land of Cooties


The Land of Cooties

Cooties, cooties in my hair
Cooties, cooties every where!

That hubby of mine has strep throat or at least he has all the symptoms followed by those white spots in the back of his throat. Where is he? at work of course. I'm sure his coworkers will thank him later.

The children, oh yes the children, well they are beginning to hack and cough as well. I'm pumping them full of meds to keep them comfortable. The baby you ask? She began running a fever last night. I'm not sure if it's the teething or maybe she too is catching cooties.

Whatever shall I do? I'm grabbing my cans of Lysol. I'm spraying everything! The beds, stripping the sheets from those too and let's not forget the car. I would love to air out the house but I'm afraid it's too muggy outside. Geez - please oh please I hope I don't get those cooties. Wish me luck!

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