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Dinosaur World - Glen Rose, TX


Dinosaur World - Glen Rose, TX

After our big evening at Medieval Times we decided to let the boys pick something to do on the way to San Antonio. They chose one of the pamphlets from the hotel display for a place called Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Texas.
You can take a walk on a path to see more than 150 life sized dinosaurs.
They ran from one dinosaur to the next roaring.
The boys loved it!
Our baby girl is walking a lot with help.

But when she gets tired, Daddy is there to give her a lift.

Dinosaur World also has a nice big play ground for the kids to enjoy.
They all played until the big dig! All the kids get to dig for fossils. After they dig for a while they get to pick out 3 fossils to keep. Our boys have a nice collection of shark teeth. They also have a small dinosaur museum too. If you are in the area this will be a hit with your kids if they like dinosaurs and the gift shop has really cool keep sakes.

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