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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament


Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

It was the adventure unlike anything we had ever experienced! I had heard about Medieval Times but never had the chance to go and here we were in Dallas right down the street. Our reservations were for 7:30pm and they suggested we get there at 6:00pm. Tip if you don't order the royal package your going to wait a while for those tickets. They took our photo as soon as we got in the door. The gentleman on the right is one my hubby's vendors. He's more like a family friend because we have shared so many dinners with him and he has watched our family grow in the past three years. As you can see in the photo our toddler was NOT in the mood for any of it. He had been asleep in the car and was very cranky. After the group photo we waited and waited engulfed by medieval merchandise. Our little boys were begging for swords and our baby was whining for food. Just when we thought we were going to lose our minds they let us in to find our seats! We were in the "blue knights" section. We found our seats and we were served tomato bisque soup by a wench! Our beverage choice was Pepsi, water or tea (no milk for the kiddos!). Then they brought us some garlic bread. Our baby girl was eating everything she was so hungry. Then the show began and we were introduced to our knights.

Our sweet little princess here was given her very first red carnation.
It's ok though because it was given to her by a knight in shining armor. Our "blue knight" that we had been cheering for during the evening. It was really sweet! We have to find a way to press it for her so we can tell her about it when she gets older. Meanwhile we feasted more on roasted chicken, spare rib and herb roasted potato and a pastry of the castle for desert. The kids were very entertained and it was well worth the wait. Warning: It will smell like horses at first but you get use to it. I was worried at first it that was going to be an issue while eating. lol - It was ok.

Here are the boys enjoying their blue and green swords after the show. If you have never been to Medieval Times it's an experience you are sure to remember. They have 9 different locations. Overall a great evening.

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