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Health Insurance - The Vicious Cycle


Health Insurance - The Vicious Cycle

Over the last two weeks we have spent several days in either the doctor's office, an emergency room or a hospital. Each time I'm thankful that we have health insurance to help with the cost of all these tests, procedures and the emergency care that we have needed for our children.
The other evening while trying to decompress I was flipping through my television channels and I caught a few specials that were featuring President Obama promising that we the people would get to keep our doctors. I haven't really paid much attention to what is going on with our health care system and maybe I should. I can't imagine not being able to go to the doctors and specialists that we have needed to go to.
This is my hubs and I have featured him today because he and I have been going through a rough couple of days. Oh and this photo was taken by our toddler (I have to give him photo credit). Today I felt my hubs going through the agony of needing to be at work but needing to be with his family too for the follow up visit with our sons pediatrician after our emergency room visit yesterday. I needed him there. Our baby girl is now mobile and it's hard to have a conversation with a doctor with her wanting to scream out randomly and move about. Not to mention these breathing treatments make our toddler bounce OFF the walls. What do you do? He has to work and with the job comes the insurance. He's already missed a lot just trying to keep appointments for himself and our kids. It's almost that double edged sword. It's hard to be in two places at once but we always have to make a choice. It's just a matter of which choice that will be. It took me back to the days of being a single mom. I needed to be with my sick daughter and take her to the doctor and at the same time I felt guilty for not being at work. It was as though I were going to be in trouble. I never was but I always felt guilty about it. I saw that in my husband today and it was tough. He may not feel guilty at all but he did feel like he should have been at work this morning.
At this point in our economy we are thankful that he has a job and I can stay here with the kids. Many people do not have that option. The health care system makes me want to make several appointments for myself just to make sure I'm ok while we have health insurance. Do you find yourself making more appointments lately just to make sure you have a clean bill of health while you still have insurance? I wonder if there are other dads that struggle with the same kind of thing as my husband did this morning.


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