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Oprah KEEP Your Texas Twang!


Oprah KEEP Your Texas Twang!

Today on Oprah she and Gail hit the biggest State Fair in America in Dallas, Texas. I have been watching Oprah since she aired her first show. Geez that is a long time. Now thanks to dvr I never miss a show.

I tried to watch but it hurt my ears! She kept speaking in and out of Texas twang and it was just horrible. When she talked to the people at the fair she just sounded stupid and on purpose too. Am I ultra sensitive being a native Texan? No. She already did her narrations during the editing process and she speaks in a normal tone and then it would go to an interview and there was that forced Texas twang again. It was so bad that I couldn't watch any more and I had to erase the rest of the show. There it is Oprah, keep your Texas twang and I won't have to erase your show again. Stick to your own voice. I know there is that saying, "When in Rome..." But when in Texas DON'T!

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