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Flash Back Friday #66 - Normal Is Broke...Be Weird


Flash Back Friday #66 - Normal Is Broke...Be Weird

Today I'm flashing back to my introduction to Dave Ramsey. It's been about 4 weeks maybe more since we have been introduced to Dave Ramsey at our church. We've been taking the Financial Peace University 13 week course. It's been a real eye opener. We also listen to his talk show at home online. I do like his methods but when I hear it daily and everyone screaming how they are debt free, it causes me to stress out more. Last night I had to ask my husband to "please turn it off." My stomach has been turning for days. I would recommend the course to everyone. Our particular situation is not normal and that is what makes my stomach turn, not Dave Ramsey. Some days it's just a constant reminder and I just want out of debt. I would be fine not buying another single thing outside the 4 walls (transportation, shelter, food and clothing). Especially after having that garage sale last weekend. What are you flashing back to today?

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