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Yard Sale - Take 2, Stop You Thief!


Yard Sale - Take 2, Stop You Thief!

Most of you know that I had the dreaded garage/yard sale on Friday and Saturday. The plan was to open it again on Monday to see if we could get rid of more. The permit here in my city is good for 10 days.

They charge $10 for the permit and $25 for the stickers to put your signs out. If you return all the stickers you get your $25 back. My signs were purchased from Wal-Mart. I bought the garage sale kit because I like the bright signs and they come with pointing arrows. We put two signs at the end of the street with our arrows pointing but didn't bother with the address. I figured this was enough.

We opened this morning and Emily and I waited and then she went to run some errands. She came back and we waited some more. No one came by at all and we thought maybe some people will come by during lunch. No one came by for lunch and then we thought maybe some people will come by while picking up their kids for school.

It was time for me to start gather my kids from school. I drove to the end of the street and low and behold all the signs were gone. That's right! Someone stole my signs. I waited out there all day for nothing.

At first I was really angry but then I thought , maybe they stole the signs because they couldn't afford a permit. That is pretty desperate. So to the thief or thieves that stole my signs, I'm going to pray for you. I'm going to pray that you make lots of money on your garage/yard sale. I think you might need that extra money even more than I do. My need is for new tires on my car but you may need that extra money to keep your lights on or grocery money. Who knows...

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