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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 25


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 25

My scale likes me this week. Can I trust it? Probably not. It shows a two pound loss. Will I take it, yes! I've been over doing it on the microwaved popcorn and Big Red. How can I lose anything? I must be a freak. I'm addicted to the butter and salt combination that sticks to the inside of the microwaved bag. There, it's out there now! I've come clean. It's not the popcorn, it's my weird need for that salty butter combo. What is wrong with me? Exercise? NADA - still locked down in the house of cooties. I was ready to head out the door yesterday and start all over. Then he (the eldest boy) started hacking! My high, my fresh beginning ended quickly. I knew I was going to be stuck in this house for yet another week (going on 4 weeks now). Why not use my EA Sports Active? I'm exhausted. I'm emotionally spent from wiping noses and please hold mes and I want yous. Maybe next week will be better.

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