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Tackle It Tuesday - Our Food Places


Tackle It Tuesday - Our Food Places

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My family helped me take all the food out of the pantry. As you can see it was a huge ordeal. Thank goodness we were all working together.

My hubs wiped down all the shelves for me. He gets extra points for that job.

Here it is after.

My little guys helped me put it all back and my hubs took care of the top shelf where none of us can reach.

Next, the kids food cabinet. I caught this photo in middle of this project.

Here is the finished cabinet full of breakfast, bread and snack stuff. I don't think we need to go grocery shopping for a while. Now, at least it is organized enough to make better future grocery lists. As always I'm thankful to my favorite online interior designer for being such an inspiration. Want to join us for this meme? Click on the banner up above. What are you tackling this week?

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