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Yard Sale Time


Yard Sale Time

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not a fan of hosting a garage/yard sale. There is a lot of work involved for not a whole lot of money. Purging your home from unnecessary items is always a good thing. My home has so much to get rid of and honestly I could go through ever room and pull out more but I'm too tired.

We got new furniture about 6 months ago and I was storing the old stuff at Emily's waiting for a to be announced yard sale at her house. The baby is coming soon and they need the extra room. We brought everything back over here. Yesterday was our first day. I wish I spoke Spanish because it would make haggling so much easier for me. I was blown away that most of these garage sale professionals have tons of dollars and change and drive up in Hummers and Mustangs!  The day totaled about $80.

Today it was even worse. People would remove the price labels or switch them around. Then of course you have people that would like to give you pennies for anything they put their hands on. I get trying to get a bargain but seriously! There was another house in the middle of the street having a yard sale today too. This was not good. Today's total was about $120.

It's $200 more than I had three days ago so that's good.

What's popular at a yard sale?
Towels and Bed Sets
Shoes - all kinds
Men's work clothes, shoes and gloves
Men's belts
Baby, toddler and kids clothing
Furniture - all kinds

It's hard to see everything sit out there for display and you know that you paid $50 for a pair of Stride Rite shoes that were worn for two months and people want to give you a $1. Ugh!

What is your take on hosting yard/garage sales?

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