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Tackle It Tuesday - The Windows


Tackle It Tuesday - The Windows

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today I'm working on the dreaded window area where we eat.

My husband and I get tons of mail and mix that with school, cub scout and work papers and you get me wishing I had a match. I try to sort it out in these file boxes as you can see here. We go through the papers and then it's dinner time and so we need to clear the table and where does all the stuff go? It goes right back on the window ledges to be sorted again at a later date. It's really very cluttered looking!

This is what it looks like now thanks to my online interior designer Karen A. Nelson owner of Design With Your Dime In Mind. Can you believe the difference? My family now has a system and this looks and works so much better than before. What are you tackling today?

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