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It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

And so it begins! Our church has the Christmas tree out with the gift ornaments. You know the ones where it might say 4 yr old female, 10 year old boy and so on? Then I take as many as my husband will let me a few and become enormously giddy at the thought of buying gifts for complete strangers. It is truly my favorite part of the holiday season. I can't wait to go shopping for them! Will I buy online? Will I buy Mom Made? I don't know yet. My kids, like most, have a list a mile long and they want and want and want. At least this way I get to give what I want to give with the hopes that some child won't be let down because a $50 Wii game wasn't in their stocking.

Next, they have the Salvation Army stockings! Oh I love this part too. You take as many stockings as you want and decide if you want to make a girl stocking or a boy stocking and choose the age of the child you want to receive it. I'm so excited! I admit it. I get my thrills off good deeds. Yep!

I know you might be wondering what Bono has to do with all of this, absolutely nothing. I'm just showing some love to my favorite band. I missed the tour but I'm not bitter....

Are you going to be doing some charitable gift giving yourself this year?

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