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A Chain Reaction of Thanks Can Lead To...


A Chain Reaction of Thanks Can Lead To...

A chain reaction of thanks has lead me to finally live out my dream of creating a nursery for one of my babies. It all started when I received a thank you gift card to Target from Twitter Moms creator Megan Calhoun. After I received it I had NO idea what I was going to do with it. I was thankful but set it aside.

Next if you have been reading my blog or tweets you know that Dave Ramsey has entered our home and we've made serious financial changes. I took back everything that I could back to Wal-Mart to get my money back. After all of my returns I had a total of  $85 on a Wal-Mart gift card.

For some reason last Thursday I decided to get this project started. I called my favorite online interior designer Karen A. Nelson and said, "ok I have $185.00, can we do it?" She said, "Yes! I can do it."

Here is her room when we first began.

It's pretty bland white with no art on the wall.
We have mix matched furniture too.
Then Karen A. Nelson brainstormed and came up with this plan for Silly's room.
First, let's get rid of the white! Off to Wal-Mart I go to buy paint.

We now have a color to work with and honestly I would not have ever chosen this color. I'm not a designer or decorator and don't really have a knack for this stuff. All I can say is, trust the designer!
Next we hit Target with Megan Calhoun's thank you gift card.

We purchased these supplies!
Next it's back to Wal-Mart for more paint.

Now to enlist my eldest daughter who has mad art skills! She even brought her own line of paints that she likes to use. We combined her paint with some paint we had in the garage from previous painting projects.

 I returned some items back to Lowe's and found a gift card with $10 on it and was able to purchase a curtain panel. I spent $5 out of pocket on this entire project.

We still needed a few more items. We found a Tinkerbell chair at Wal-Mart and still had $25 left over. We couldn't find any art work or round tables to make this work. I finally just switched out the money and went back to Target. Wal-Mart needs some serious improvement in their kids furniture. They don't have any!
Are you ready to see the finished room?
Here we go...

Behind the door is where I allowed her big brothers to leave her a painting of their own. They had to pitch in and help.

Next we have the vine around the closet door. It needs a little more work but my hubs has plans for it.

Moving right along and here you can see what happened to that table I was working on and look at her little stool as a chair. It's hard to see the curtains from Lowe's in this photo but the detail is beautiful! It is gathered at the top by butterfly wings.

The brown leather chair had to stay. My husband's father is the original owner and he used it as a reading chair. Now my husband uses it to read bed time stories to Silly. Those are her feet prints on the wall.

Now we are to the right of the room. These photos really don't do the room justice. When you are in her room you can't help but smile. I love it because she loves it. She looks adorable sitting at her table or bouncing in her crib. How can I possibly say thank you enough to all of those who have helped make this room possible? The words don't seem like they would be enough but they will have to do for now. Can you believe all the talent that went into this room? I'm just amazed. Thank you Megan, Dave, Karen & Family.

If you haven't been to Twitter Moms yet get over there and join!
If you're looking for financial intelligence listen to Dave. He makes sense.
Need a fresh gift idea? Gift Certificates are available through Karen A. Nelson's online interior design site Design With Your Dime In Mind.

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