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The Squeaky Wheel Got The Grease


The Squeaky Wheel Got The Grease

You might have seen me tweeting my outrage about the shopping carts at Wal-Mart. The majority of the baskets were dirty with rickety wheels. Most of the wheels didn't have the plastic covering as you can see here in this photo. The seat belts for kids were nearly non existent too! Many of them just had one strap or if they had straps they were mismatched and didn't fit together.

Finally I had enough and I went to customer service and asked to speak to a manager. I waited and waited and finally wrote down the number to the district manager. When I got home I called and spoke with the secretary and told her of my disgust. Seriously, it's Wal-Mart surely they can afford better baskets. A few days later a manager called and we spoke about the situation. The next day another manager called and again we spoke about the situation. I was told new baskets were on order and they would be there in two weeks. The two weeks past but still no new baskets. Another two weeks past and another and then...

today low and behold I got to put Silly in this brand new basket.

How cool is that? They got rid of all the old baskets! I'm so glad. Now the wheels work, they are clean baskets and the safety belts work. It's about time. So what do you think? Did I single handedly get new baskets in our local Wal-Mart?

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