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Thursday Thirteen #89 - Breakables


Thursday Thirteen #89 - Breakables

It took me all day to come up with the idea for this weeks meme. I'm cleaning out my glass cabinet that is the keeper of all my "don't touch" special breakable stuff. Here is a list of my favorite things from this cabinet. I'm putting all of this in storage and getting rid of the cabinet.

1.) Our wedding cake topper.
2.) A heart shaped piece of slate from Germany.
3.) A Swarovski crystal star burst candle holder.
4.) Our wine glasses we used at our wedding.
5.) My husbands stein from Germany.
6.) A Swarovski Mama Panda and baby panda.
7.) A stained glass kaleidoscope, also a wedding gift.
8.) A Swarovski version of the Santa Maria.
9.) An ivory figurine of a mother holding her son in the air that plays music.
10.) A Christmas box that plays mysic when you turn the handle.
11.) A Swarovski rose.
12.) A wooden figurine of Mary and an angel.
13.) The Swarovski collectible dragon.

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