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He's Here! All 10lbs. 14oz. of him.


He's Here! All 10lbs. 14oz. of him.

Meet Forrest!
We have been waiting for him and he is finally here. I just got home myself. I didn't want to leave until I could hold him. :)
I just had to hold him. He's so sweet and handsome. My boys are going to go nuts when they see him. I'm so thankful to my husband for hanging out with our kids so I could be there with Emily. Her mother is in the hospital and her mother in law was not feeling well either. Her Dad was there!

He's waiting so patiently! I have tons of photos on Facebook so if you are linked to me you can check out the photo album that I created. Here are a few of my favorites!

I love the way they stamped the baby's feet on Dad's scrubs.

This is Forrest out in the hall way waiting to go inside the nursery.

She's one happy mama!
Congratulations Emily & Daniel.
I can sleep now. lol

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