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There's a First Time For Everything


There's a First Time For Everything

The entire week I have been walking with my grandmother. I'm trying to make sure that she and I get our thirty minutes a day in. I know the benefits of exercise and it is my hope that maybe, just maybe, she can get off of some of her medications if we continue to get a walk in a day. At the same time I have been encouraging bugging my mother to walk daily too. Today it was raining and cold outside. I had to get my grandmother indoors to walk. Oh sure we could have gone to our local mall but instead I took her to my YMCA. This was her first time in a gym and her first time on a treadmill. Even at the age of 82, it seems there's still a first time for everything. I'm so happy that she and my mother have become members. Now they can get her walk in without having to worry about the weather! Whoo Hoo... does she rock or what?

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