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@Charm_CityCakes - Meet Your Future Intern!


@Charm_CityCakes - Meet Your Future Intern!

The goal:
Create a cake that is patriotic and make it by yourself. This was our son's project for the Blue & Gold banquet for scouts. It's also the Boy Scouts of America's 100th birthday this year.

My son's idea:
Build a tank cake!
He started out with a vanilla rectangle bottom and a yellow circle cake, add some green coloring to chocolate frosting and here you have the beginning of a green tank.

He added tires aka chocolate donuts to his tank! Then to add tracks on the tires he added black dye to some chocolate and spread it across.

He used chocolate covered pretzels for the guns and the fence that the tank is busting through. He used sugar cookie dough to make the soldiers driving the tank and frosted their helmets. He also used the dough to create an American flag that is sitting on the back of the tank. Don't you love the patriotic sprinkles?
Here he is with his trophy for "The Most Original" cake. 
His cake raised $70 in the cake auction.
It took him two days to finish it. 
Amazing work don't you think? Hey Duff what you say, do you need another intern?

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