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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 7 of the New Year


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 7 of the New Year

One more pound down this week. I feel like the freakin' tortoise here! Here is my work out schedule this past week.  I did not get my extra walks in again. I'm going to try to kick it up a notch this coming week or find some way to get those extra walks in.

Monday - 1 hour boot camp
Tuesday - 1 hour circuit training - 15 minutes abs, 15 minutes of Spin
Wednesday - 1 hour boot camp, 1 hour Zumba
Thursday - 1 hour circuit training - 30 minutes of Spin
Friday - 1 hour boot camp
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

Ah the measuring tape!
Arms - 1/2" off
Chest - 1" off
Waist - No change
Hips - No change
Thighs - 1" off

Need for fitness support? Join the "Sistahood". I tried ground turkey in my enchiladas. My son asked what kind of meat it was this time because it looks different. He didn't care that it was turkey he was just concerned about the color. lol..

Before you go, don't forget to link up! I'm sure we are in some of the same circles. Have a look around the side bars and don't forget to check the "Add Me" tab.

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