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Looking For More Fitness Support?


Looking For More Fitness Support?

Leah Segedie and I go wayyyy back! I remember supporting her when she first started her ning group Bookie Boo. We connected through my Happy Panda store. I joined her group and have watched her grow.

Now she has Mamavation which is another cool site she has that connect moms who are trying to get fit. You might have seen #Mamavation on Twitter. There is a "Sistahood" of women who are trying to support each other.

Watch Lives Change

How can you become part of the Sistahood? Click here to find out more.

I'm not sure if I could meet all the criteria but support is always nice when you are trying to get your body back from the bulge. I'm not sure if I can tweet daily although most days I do! I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. It's hard for me to commit to being somewhere at a certain time because I have three kids to contend with and well every Mom knows how that goes. Also my computer doesn't have a web cam so you aren't going to see me vlogging yet.

I've been with Angie for a long time. She and I have supported each other every Tuesday for Tip The Scale Tuesdays. Maybe she will come on over and check out this post and gather more support from the "Sistahood." I'll be popping in to show my support. Good Luck ladies. Oh! and for my latest post about healthy changes check out the results from my last blood donation

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