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Are you a blood donor?


Are you a blood donor?

I've beendonating blood since 1998 off and on in between my pregnancies. My husband donates regularly. He gets all the mugs, t-shirts and points. Today I decided to get back on track to regularly donate every 8 weeks. They have changed their operations since the last time I was there in 2005. They have different machines to check the blood floating and now you can sit at the computer to answer all those personal questions. My husband's name is on one of their huge posters hanging in their office as a donor. He's so proud! What is great about giving blood is that not only are you helping others but for those of us on the fitness train you can get your blood pressure read and cholesterol level checked. All the results can easily be retrieved online! If you have been following my blog you know that since December I've been working out like a mad woman to get the weight off. My cholesterol level as of today is 180. That is the lowest reading I have ever seen. The highest was 264 and I was 130 pounds at the time. That goes to show you that skinny isn't necessarily healthy.  The ideal level for women is anything under 200. Whoot! Go me.....

I would encourage everyone to go donate and see the real results of your healthier lifestyle.

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