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Hey Dave!


Hey Dave!

 Yes it's Team Kramer taking a photo with Dave Ramsey! We attended his sold out live event at the Reliant Arena here in Houston, TX. There were 8,000 people there. My husband decided we should go platinum so that we could meet him and ask questions. We got to shake his hand and I had to give him a hug. He's part of our family now. My 3 year old will tell you that he, his brother and his sister are all debt free! Any follower of Dave should get a giggle about that one. We had such a great time and having our lunch blessed by Dave was something all of us in that room will always remember. We came out of there with so many books! We brought home the Junior's Adventure series of books for the kids and they dove right in after I took the plastic off. We even gave a copy of the Total Money Makeover to our babysitter. There weren't any shirts for sale because those went to the volunteers. I would have bought one. They said, "Go Green, Use Cash!" If you can make the time to take a Financial Peace University course in your area it will change your life. It's not easy because behavior modification never is, but it's worth the change in the long run. Thanks Dave, you put on a great show and what a crowd it was and I hope all of those younger folks that attended will get on those baby steps as quickly as possible. I can't wait for that Friday when we get to make the call to Dave's radio show and our whole family gets to scream into the phone, "We're DEBT FREEEEEEEEE!!!" Until then Dave.

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