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Have a New Kid by Friday - Wednesday


Have a New Kid by Friday - Wednesday

Last week was the Wednesday chapter that discusses text book parenting styles.
Authoritarian - rules, rules and more rules. In a nutshell, very rigid parenting.
Authoritative - gives the child choices and lets reality be the teacher.
Permissive - provides the child with the "Disneyland" experience. This style is very inconsistent.

There is this fun little quiz where he asks you to reveal which of these is your parenting style? What kind of parents did you have? Do you follow your parents' parenting style?

Dr. Leman asks parents to take the long view. He wants you to decide what 3 qualities do you want your child to have and how do you encourage what you want?

WOW! It's hard to come up with only three. Off the top of my head I would like to encourage the following:

1.) Honesty - How do I encourage this? I don't ask questions that I already know the answer to. If I do it will only give them the opportunity to back themselves in a corner and lie to stay out of trouble.

2.) To Be Kind - I would encourage this through giving of my time to my community and finding other opportunities to model kind behavior. I would also make it a point to make sure I acknowledge when they are being kind to others. It's always a good thing to catch your kids being kind.

3.) To Always Be Open To Learning - I think my husband and I encourage this by constantly educating ourselves whether it's taking courses in our church or constantly reading something. We make it a point to share what we are learning with the children too. There is too much to learn in the world and I never want them to feel like they either no it all or that they may be too old to learn something new.

What should you do for Wednesday?
Figure out your parenting style.
How does your child respond to this parenting style?
How can you adapt your style to be more balanced?
In what ways can you emphasize relationship in your home?

My kids and I bond over music in the van. They are going to be so open to all kinds of music.

Good Luck!

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