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The Easter Dress


The Easter Dress

For months I have had my eye on this super cute dress for my "Silly." JcPenny carries this little polka dotted satin number with matching bloomers. The price was a bit high so being a savvy shopper it seemed like a better plan to wait closer to Easter to buy it on sale. Sure enough when the two of us hit the store the dress was on sale.

Rather than buy it right away and leave I decided to try the dress on her. I took a photo but it disappeared from my phone. She didn't want to put this dress on. She wouldn't let me put it over her head. It was a bit of a struggle to get it on. After the struggle was over she looked in the mirror and pouted. Seriously? What is wrong with you baby girl? How can you be a fashionista at one and a half years old? This is your dress! I've had my eye on it for months and you look adorable in it! Ok, so it has that netting inside to make it poof out and it is that satin fabric and if she got something on it I would be annoyed.

Maybe she had a point with her pouting face. If my camera phone would have been working properly you would have seen her sad wittle face. FINE! I took it off of her and we found something that suited her a little better. She liked it and how do I know this? She let me put it on her and then she played in it in the mirror. The fabric was more comfortable and after all she is going to be in this dress most of the day. I found a hat and purse to match but she didn't go for it. Fine, I'm not going to spend the extra money. At least I'm open to paying attention to her queues. Thank goodness because no one has fun with a fussy toddler.

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