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Invoice #032910 - Bill to Dr. X


Invoice #032910 - Bill to Dr. X

Dear Dr. X,
Below you will find an invoice for today's services. My son had an appointment today at 10:30am. We arrived at 10:00am and although I realize this is early it was my hope that since the visit was a follow up we could get in and out rather quickly. However, when your 10am patient was not called until 10:45am. that clearly says that you are running 45 minutes (minimum) behind. Regardless of whether I showed up at exactly 10:30am and if my calculations are correct that would mean that I could have possibly not gone into another waiting room to wait for you even longer for another 15 minutes. I at least gave you until 11am before I decided to leave. I thought this was rather kind of me. First, I allowed the rest of your waiting room patients not to have to endure my very hungry, tired, bouncing off the walls, and at times screaming children. I saved you money by not entertaining them with your hand sanitizer. Please understand that because of your tardiness regardless of the reason I have lost time, gas, preschool time that I already paid for and mileage on my vehicle. My baby also experienced pain and suffering by not being allowed to get her regularly scheduled lunch and nap time. The fees incurred are based on current numbers of mileage reimbursement and calculations of stay at home mothers if they were paid a wage. My current salary would be $181,273.

Dr. X - Invoice #03292010
    $331.69 USD

Qty Item ID Description Unit Price       Amount
17.2 mileage       Fuel to Dr. X's office     0.55            9.46
19.6 mileage       Fuel from Dr. X to school     0.55          10.78
1 SPNS       Pain & Suffering for toddler    50.00          50.00
3 Time       Hours spent driving & waiting    87.15        261.45

Currency is in U.S. Dollars (USD) Total: $331.69 USD

Please make your check or money order payable to: A Renaissance Woman aka Mommy Kramer. You have net 15 days before your account is handed over to a third party collection agency.

Thank you for your business!

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