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Next Batter Up!


Next Batter Up!

We have really been through it when it comes to our kids and their hearing! A while back I wrote a post about the warning signs of hearing loss. Last year our eldest son had his second set of ear tubes inserted. It was during this procedure that I had my chance meeting with our other son's surgeon Dr. Bloss. He fixed our baby boy. Feel free to click over if you want to see the before and after photos.

Today our little guy is having his second surgical procedure in just three years of his life. He was experiencing hearing loss due to the fluid in his ears. Here he is in the waiting room in his "big boy pajamas."
 And here he is at home recovering
 Meanwhile his baby sister takes this opportunity to put on his soccer shoes.
He is her playmate and she keeps trying to feed him crackers.
She's not sure what's wrong.
She just wants him to wake up and play.
In the meantime I will have to do.
Apparently my legs make a great riding horse!

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