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Mama Got A New Pair of Shoes


Mama Got A New Pair of Shoes

My shins have been killing me! Lately all my exercise classes now involve running of some kind. I knew it was time to get another pair of running shoes. I have flat feet so I need a really good pair that help my arches. Locally we have a great shoe store named On The Run and they really know how to help you find the right shoe. They give you this card when you purchase shoes there and on the back they write down the model of the shoe and when you purchased it. I didn't realize that these shoes were purchased on February 8, 2009. HELLO!!!  note to self - that's too long! I've really put the miles on those shoes.
And now for only $140.00 my feet are in heaven again, Ahhhh! 
Thanks to Brooks Ariel Cushion Running Shoe.
And this is my super happy face! 
The only person that can seem to catch me on camera is my 3yo. lol

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