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5K Independence Run - HOT! HOT! HOT!


5K Independence Run - HOT! HOT! HOT!

This is my after race photo that my son took of me. I'm seriously GROSS and SWEATY. I went alone but I saw one person there that I knew really well, Sara Oliver. She has been my spring board for fitness and I started boot camps with her program. We began our race a couple of minutes after 7am. I remember thinking to myself, "remember the tortoise!" I'm not that fast but figured if I stayed at a steady pace then I would do well. Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel got me through the first mile. He kept saying, "Whooooo...Go on Girl!" lol - I finished the first mile at 10 minutes 11 seconds.

The second mile was pretty ugly, many people ahead kept stopping to walk and I thought slow and steady, slow and steady. But all of a sudden they would start running again and leave me behind. It was really frustrating! I just wanted to kick it into high gear but I stayed at a steady speed. When I hit the 2nd mile my time was 22 minutes and something seconds. Then the heat came and it was overwhelming and no matter how much I prayed or pleaded with myself my body just stopped at W. Reata St. I was so annoyed because I really wanted to finish it out but it just was not to be. When mile 3 came the guy called out my time as 30 something minutes, I can't for the life of me remember the number. Even though I walking at this point I was going as fast as I could because I just wanted to go home and visit with my husband. I could see the finish line and I could hear Sara, "Come on Pam, way to go!!!" Oh my gosh that was the best ever. There is nothing like having at least one person cheer you on at the end. I finished with a time of 37:51.

They handed me number 123 and I went to find water and hand in my card. I came in 4th in my age bracket. There aren't any trophies for 4th place. - lol - It's ok because the goal was to run the entire race. I didn't make it but there is a Running Boot Camp that I'm really interested in and that's the upside. I'm about to mix it up again. Until next year! My little guy wanted to run with me. He wanted a number so I let him borrow mine.

I seem to be inspiring my kids. :)

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