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There's No Place Like Home


There's No Place Like Home

 After clicking my heels several times and paying over $2K in repairs, we are finally home! I think of my car as my second home. It's where I spend the majority of my time running errands and taxing children around town. My precious van has been in the shop for an entire week. Thankfully I had a rental car. The dealership has an on site Enterprise Rental car.
They put us in a 2010 Chrysler Sebring. Seems fine enough you would think, right? It worked all week until we tried to fit all 5 of us inside over the weekend. Oh what a nightmare! My husband and I in the front and our nearly 5ft tall 9 year old in between two car seats in the back. Did they fight! It was just awful. They were hitting each other and yelling at each other and then came the crying. It was a nightmare. lol - I couldn't go to Sam's to do my bulk shopping because there was not any room with the kids. When the dealership called to tell us our van was ready I drove there in record time.
Ah yes, there's no place like home! Everyone has their own captain's chair and plenty of personal space. We are back to rocking out to our home made cds. Soon we will be off to Sam's to catch up on our shopping. Oh, and now we can grab that little baby pool for the back yard. I don't care if our vehicle is 5 years old, I'm happy to have the space! I'm happy to be home.

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