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Jedi Academy Camp


Jedi Academy Camp

"Learn the ways of The Force™ as you experience real physics and science from Star Wars™. Explore the planets, creatures, droids, and vehicles in a galaxy far, far away while you learn about real planets, animals, robots, and cool transportation in our own backyard. Start your lightsaber training and learn the ways of the Jedi™ to become a Jedi™ Knight!" - The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Doesn't that sound cool? We thought so too!

Yesterday our son had his Jedi Academy graduation. He was a Padawan (aka Jedi apprentice). As you can see here Chubaka and a couple of Jedi Knights were in charge of the graduation.
My son was so excited to get his gold medal and his certificate!
And of course his light saber....
By the end all of the children were happily raising their light sabers in honor of graduation!
We couldn't resist a photo op with Chubaka!
My son loved this class and I'm so glad he got to do it this year because he's now at the maximum age limit. 

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