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Iron Chef - Here He Comes!


Iron Chef - Here He Comes!

My son has spent the week at our community center taking a mini gourmet cooking class. The kids love it! As you can see here, he came home with a first place ribbon for his "Three Chocolate Cookies." He has recipes for Chicken Empanadas, Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast, and Hurry Up Chicken Pot Pie.

Of course bringing home the blue wasn't good enough, the little people here had to judge for themselves!
And we have a thumbs up from little brother...
And two more thumbs up from little sister...
ok so she couldn't exactly get the thumbs right but clearly you can see her efforts.

This is his second summer for this class. He enjoys cooking and this is a great way to get more recipes. Another added bonus is when he goes away to college I'm comfortable knowing that he will be eating. Some day will he impress a special young lady with his culinary skills. Even further off into the future when he becomes a father he will make his children very happy with his "Three Chocolate Cookies" recipe. *Sigh* makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. :)

Special thanks to our community center for offering such great opportunities to our children to learn life skills.

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