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Potty Training - The Refresher Course


Potty Training - The Refresher Course

You would think that since this is my fourth child I would have the potty training skills down by now, right? Um, wrong! I had to basically take my own refresher course. First we got the panties! We have the potty chair and we went over and over what to do. After all of that she kept having accidents. I forgot an important step! Proximity, proximity, proximity! Out of sight out of mind. Poor little girl was expected to stop playing and walk all the way into the bathroom to use her potty. What was I thinking? Then I remembered the saying, "Have potty will travel!" lol - I brought it into the living room where I could see her and fold laundry at the same time. How is that for multi-tasking? Eventually you move the potty further and further back into the bathroom.

Another important step is to make sure she has books to look at while she is hanging out. Of course every child is different and has their own spin on potty training. What did she bring new? Well the blankets, that's new! Apparently she needs to cover up when she hangs out. - lol - OK! Go for it.

Another handy step to help me communicate with her is teaching her sign language for potty training. I reviewed this product and tried it with my son. He still loves to read the book and blow the whistle. 

I'm having to get back to the basics. I'm trying the reward system too by using Smarties. We are having a time that is for sure. The first day was not so good, the second day went a lot better but now she is just bored with the whole thing. lol - I'm remaining hopeful but there's really no time like the summer to start potty training. At home it is easier to let her go commando because she associates it more. When she has her panties on she just holds it and waits until I put a diaper on her or just uses the panties like a diaper. I'm using the diaper over night and when she is being watched by someone else. I'm sure this is sending her major mixed signals. Every where we go I show her where the bathroom is so she knows that there is basically a "potty" every where she goes.

Another important reminder is to bring a Ziploc bag with emergency clothes and a towel to use in her car seat in case she has an accident. So much to remember! I'm happy though because she is the last child I will EVER have to potty train! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO --->Insert HAPPY dance<----

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