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Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 10


Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 10

 In the "What have I gotten myself into category!" I'm catching up on my post for running boot camp with Greg Durham. We are "technically" off this week but I know myself and my body enough to know that if I took a week off it would be like starting over.

Today I ran the track for time. I'm not sure if it was the smartest time to take this camp because all I keep writing about is how HOT it is outside. It's very difficult to stay focused when you feel like your skin is cooking and your insides are melting. lol - Sounds gross but I'm not normally running in the heat. The track had one small spot of shade on it. My form was much better and I finally caught a zone. I was averaging 1/3 of a mile at 5 minutes. I made 4 laps around the track in 20 minutes before I completely lost focus and walked.

I had a lot on my mind and a list of things to do and it's hard for me to stay focused. I should have listened to Greg and hit a trail but I was pressed for time and overly stressed. It's done though and we will be back on starting Tuesday. I hope I learn enough to help me with Saturday's 5K. It's a 6:30am run so I should still have enough time to make it to Saturday's camp. I'm not sure how that day is going to play out but you know I'll keep you posted. rofl....

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