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#Mamavation Monday


#Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

BIG congratulations to Rachel Steffan @RachelSteffen for being the Sista of the Week! This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by Gruve Solution.

Weekly Mamavation Goals - 

1.  #fruitnveggie challenge. Get 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 
2. Water challenge. Strive to drink more water. Some moms are striving to drink half their body weight in water. For instance if you weigh 180, strive to drink 90 ounces of water per day.

My Goals -
  • The long term goal 50lbs. by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal 4 lbs. per month. 
    • January - 4 pounds lost = goal met.
    • February - 5 pounds lost = goal met.
    • March - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • April - 2 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • May - 3 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • June - 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • July  - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • August
My Work Outs - Working Hard but so what! It's all about nutrition.
Monday - On my way to boot camp but the hwy was closed.
Tuesday - 1HR AM Tae Bo, 1 HR PM Running Boot Camp
Wednesday - Slept through boot camp.
Thursday - 1 HR PM Tae Bo
Friday - 45 min AM Swimming laps, 1 HR PM Boot Camp,
Saturday - 1 HR AM Running Boot Camp
Sunday - REST

Measurements -
Chest -.5"
Waist  -.5"
Hips = same
Legs +.5
Arms -.5"

Scale Reading -
1 lb. loss. Whatever! I stepped on the scale and it read one number and I moved it to the right and it dropped two pounds. Arrrrrg!!!

Stress Level -

It was pretty high this week. I'm working out 6 times a week and the body is changing and the clothes are changing but the nutrition is a pain in my ars! I'm missing that piece and I know it. I can't keep up with pills, powders or anything like that nor do I want to go to weight loss clinics etc.. I don't have the extra time or money. These are things I must figure out on my own through education, period. It's the whole calorie intake. This is a skill I have to acquire or it will never work long term.

Something I was trying this week was learning from I wanted to know what and when I should be eating before and after working out. I did try this on two days this week and I couldn't tell if it made a difference or not. I did keep up with the food journal all week. Some days I was really good at logging everything and others I couldn't remember if or what I had eaten. My days just started running together. There are 5 people in this house with 5 different needs and schedules. I'm lucky to know who I am most days. It's not an excuse it's a fact. My hope is that when school starts I will have a little more focus on the educational part of what I need to learn.

For example! If I make spaghetti how do I know how many calories are in that dish? I can estimate but I don't really know. I need to work on how to cook accounting for balance of calories, food groups, serving sizes, etc. Some days I feel like I don't eat enough. I know for a fact that I don't drink half my body weight in water. I can make it to 48 ounces without a problem but it's hard to drink more than that. I spend most of the night using the bathroom! I don't get any sleep. lol

The UP side -

I know nutrition is the key problem now. I'm stronger. I'm faster. I'm feeling healthier. I don't eat fast food, drink sodas or basically junk out any more. My body craves healthier choices but I'm still a work in progress. I'm not meeting my 4 pound goals each month but I have kept 12 pounds off consistently over the last 7 months. My body is taking on that hour glass shape again. I can see it but I think I have to unlock the key to how my body deals with food. I didn't realize that we are already weighing in a new month. July came and went and all I did was blink! I'm considering this 5K -
"Friends Helping Friends 5K/10K-Kids K | Houston, Texas 77058 | Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 6:30 AM" ( )

I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of my "sistas" did this week.
And this is a little inspiration for all of this week!

I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. If you have any music suggestions leave them in the comment section!


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