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More Potty Training Supplies


More Potty Training Supplies

 I'm pulling out the heavy artillery here! I bought some plastic undies and added some more potty training books to our collection. We have books for boys but since I'm potty training a girl I thought it might be helpful for her to identify with characters that are like her. I'm not really a fan of the plastic undies and I sort of feel sad for her when she walks around or runs rather. She makes this very silly sound that's hard to describe.

She has the entire concept down and she has a routine but she just refuses to let go in the potty. It's going to take time and patience, I know. This is the fourth time to do this and I can't wait to be done. She went for her Daddy the other day and we CELEBRATED but 5 minutes later she had an accident.

No worries! We just clean it up and keep moving on. She has her big girl panties that she likes to wear but it's still going to take time. She's not the only child where we can focus the entire day around her and potty training. No, we have our lives to tend to and places we need to go and people we need to meet. I can't wait until this part is over!

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