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#Mamavation Monday


#Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
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Weekly Mamavation Goals - 

1.  #fruitnveggie challenge. Get 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 
2. Water challenge. Strive to drink more water. Some moms are striving to drink half their body weight in water. For instance if you weigh 180, strive to drink 90 ounces of water per day.

My Goals -
  • The long term goal 50lbs. by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal 4 lbs. per month. 
    • January - 4 pounds lost = goal met.
    • February - 5 pounds lost = goal met.
    • March - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • April - 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • May -2 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • June 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • July 
My Work Outs - Working Hard!
Monday - 1 HR PM Boot Camp
Tuesday - 1HR PM Running Boot Camp
Wednesday - 1 HR PM Boot Camp
Thursday - 1 HR PM Tae Bo
Friday - 45min AM Swimming laps
Saturday - 30 min AM Running Boot Camp, 1 HR AM Zumba
Sunday - REST

Measurements -
I did not measure this morning. I had no desire to know today especially after last weeks measurements and today's results on the scale.

Scale Reading -
4 lb. gain If there was ever a day I wanted to give up today would be that day.

Stress Level -

I had a lot on my mind. I've got all three kids while my hubs is away but I have managed. My eldest turned 21 and I had to deal with that as well. There is a lot of strife in our relationship. Unfortunately I'm not the only one and that will continue until some act of God takes place. Very few of you blog about this but I wonder what does your monthly cycle do to your results? I'm not sure myself because I've never tracked it before but I think I will start. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with my massive gain this week. It would certainly have something to do with why I'm so super ticked off right now. rofl....

The UP side -
I'm beyond frustrated today and I didn't even want to write this post. I'm so sick of the yo yo! I work out every single week! I'm not a slacker I've built a routine. I spent 6 months creating a routine and I spent another 6 months increasing the intensity of that routine. Now, I'm just looking at the same numbers. I'm watching what I eat and I thought I did really well with eating and my water intake this week! I'm trying to find some sort of positive note here, really I am. The only thing I have come up with is that I now have a new Tae Bo class to add to my routine. That is my upside. Oh and I'm sticking to my bedtime schedule to make sure I'm getting more sleep. That's it. I'm blocked on inspiration.

I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of my "sistas" did this week.
And this is a little inspiration for all of this week!
It's random but I still need to know I'm not alone.

I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. If you have any music suggestions leave them in the comment section!


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Track my weight loss.

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Track my walking.

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