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Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 3


Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 3

 In the "What have I gotten myself into category!" Today is the beginning of my second week at running boot camp with Greg Durham. There was a LOT less walking for me today. What happened? Well for one I didn't have a boot camp before this evenings class. Two, I didn't eat dinner before I ran. Three, I didn't wear a t-shirt so I was able to stay slightly cooler. I get to log 3 miles in 49 minutes. There was so much to focus on for me! Chest up, kick the heels up, squeeze in the shoulder blades, land correctly, oh and breath. It was hot and the mosquitoes were out in full force. I'm going to miss two classes because I have no one to watch my peeps. Greg is nice enough to email me some routines that I can work on at the YMCA so I have child watch. I can do the routine on their track.

This is me, sharing my sweat with you! Gross isn't it? I know. My Mom was a bit grossed out too. lol - It just shows how hard I'm working out there. Now let me just say this about posting photos of myself, which I NEVER do, this might help you. I don't like pictures of myself. Why? Because I don't really care for the way I look which is why I work out like a crazy person. It's almost like I'm hiding from myself but here is the thing. This is the way people see me every single day!!! rofl..... It took me a while to catch on. I won't post pictures but this is the way my family, friends, people I work out with, people at church and all those strangers in between see me. The only one who doesn't know that I look like this is me. That is sort of what happens when you become over weight. It's a gradual process that doesn't seem to show up in the mirror that you look in every day. It shows up in pictures! I keep having to remind myself! You are back to your pre-baby weight/after you just had another baby. Give yourself a break! You aren't having any more children and your body will no longer yo yo back and forth. No one is harder on me, than me. My little guy is the one that catches photos of me.
I can't deny him. :)
Could you?
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