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#Mamavation Monday


#Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

Weekly Mamavation Goals - 

This week go VOTE the finalists are in!

1.  #fruitnveggie challenge. Get 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 
2. Water challenge. Strive to drink more water. Some moms are striving to drink half their body weight in water. For instance if you weigh 180, strive to drink 90 ounces of water per day.

My Goals -
  • The long term goal 50lbs. by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal 4 lbs. per month. 
    • January - 4 pounds lost = goal met.
    • February - 5 pounds lost = goal met.
    • March - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • April - 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • May -2 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • June 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • July 
My Work Outs - Working Hard!
Monday - 1 HR PM Boot Camp
Tuesday - 1HR PM Running Boot Camp
Wednesday - 1 HR PM Boot Camp, 1/2 HR Zumba
Thursday - 45min AM Swim
Friday - 1HR Boot Camp
Saturday - 1 HR AM Adventure Boot Camp, 1HR AM Running Boot Camp
Sunday - REST

Measurements -
I did not measure this morning! I had to get my kid to camp and I ran out of time. However I was measured by the pros from Adventure Boot Camp and they put me on this evil those numbers have to be wrong Iron Man scale yesterday.

I immediately came home and weighed myself on my scale and there is a 4lb. difference. Frustrating! The only thing I can do is stick with the numbers on my scale to tell if there is a loss or not. I weigh in at the same time every Monday in the same place in my house. So what does this handy dandy give you a wake up call like never before scale tell you? Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Physique Rating, Bone Mass, Metabolic Age and Visceral Fat. According to this scale I was dehydrated at the time I weighed in and oh yes my favorite my "Metabolic Age" is 50. Seriously? I have a healthy range for "Viseral Fat" but my "body fat" well it's just that, fat! It all comes back to eating!!!! All the time no matter what I do it's all about what goes in the mouth.

Body Fat
Leg (R)
Leg (L)
Arm (R)
Arm (L)


Can you believe this? I couldn't. My measurements on my waist and arms are right on target with what I have been measuring but they measure the hips, chest and legs differently. All I can say is that I'm glad I don't own one of these in my home because I would become a FREAK!!!! I'll just keep working hard and hope to see a major decrease in those numbers.

Confession Time - My measurements and weight could have been seriously altered by my actions from the day before. I swear this never happens! It just so happened that the day before was a total fluke! After working out so hard Saturday morning, I went to a planned lunch with my friends. It's been 11 months since we have gotten together. I knew I was going to have a beverage or two. That was not a big deal. I ate light and had my two drinks and that was that. After I got home we took advantage of Parent's Night Out and my hubs and I went to dinner. We haven't been out together since 5/29 and he was leaving for two weeks for a work. Seriously this day was a fluke! We had some wine, appetizers, salads, main course, desert and coffee to top it off. We paid for our gluttony. We will never eat like that again. WAIT!!! I didn't finish all of that. I took my stuff home in a box and fed three people lunch the next day. But what I did consume made me feel MISERABLE!!!!!  And that my sistas is why I believe I had such horrible numbers with metabolic age of 50. We will see what my next weigh in says. Talk about total confession. It is what it is and I'm moving forward into the next week. I know for a fact I will not have another Saturday like that again. It just doesn't happen.

Scale Reading -
Zero gain, Zero loss - maintaining according to my scale.

Stress Level -
It was high with my husbands travel plans for work and having to cancel other plans for his family reunion. Lots of new job stress going on. My baby girl is getting sick. *sigh* That makes it hard to get work outs in.

The UP side -
I made it through my first week of Running Boot Camp. It's not easy at all and I really hope it gets easier. I really enjoyed Saturday's workout. I know it seems crazy to work out like that back to back in the heat but I needed a comparison between the YMCA boot camp and Adventure boot camp. You can read my comparisons here. I'm not beating up myself about Saturday because that kind of day doesn't normally happen.

I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of my "sistas" did this week.
And this is a little inspiration for all of this week!
Take it away Sue Sylvester

I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. If you have any music suggestions leave them in the comment section!


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